This six-week course is designed for individuals who wish to develop a more critical lens while reading. Initially focusing on the basic elements of literature (including both fiction and nonfiction), it then broadens out to consider form and format (i.e., graphic novels, audiobooks) and related topics (i.e., multicultural books, blogging, reviews, resources, etc.). Course participants will learn how to read YA literature in a critical and evaluative manner; how to apply evaluative criteria for genre, form, and format; and how to write both brief annotations and extensive annotations. Students may expect to spend approximately 2.5 hours per week on course work.

This course will next be offered April 6 – May 18. For registration details, please visit: If you would like to make arrangements for an exclusive group offering, please contact Nicole Gibby-Munguia at for details.

This course addresses the following of YALSA’s Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth:
(V) Knowledge of Materials