Become an expert and connecting teens with books! In this six-week e-course you will learn how to make a successful match between library materials and your teen library users. Course participants will explore adolescent development, learn about teen reading preferences and take part in an active discussion about specific books and library materials that meet the varied needs and interests of teens. If you are just beginning to work with teens, there will be plenty of opportunities for some background and groundwork. For the more proficient, there will be opportunities to move into deeper knowledge. A final piece on Common Core and the role of the librarian in helping to provide “exemplar texts” will be included. Students may expect to spend approximately 2.5 hours per week on course work.

This course is not available at this time. If you would like to make arrangements for an exclusive group offering, please contact Nicole Gibby-Munguia at for details.

This course addresses the following of YALSA’s Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth:
(II) Knowledge of Client Group
(V) Knowledge of Materials