Whether you are a newly-minted librarian or a senior administrator, communication is an essential part of your work. You communicate with library users, with your colleagues, and with your stakeholders. And chances are, you wish you could communicate more effectively.

In this course you will refine your ability to create effective professional documents and give oral presentations. This requires you to think well, write well, and design well. It also requires you to use the relevant technology effectively. Assignments and activities are designed to help you prepare for real-life situations. This course is demanding but the principles learned will help you succeed in your career and apply throughout your life.

The scope encompasses both oral and written communications, and basic visual design for written documents and presentation slides. The approach is interactive, with some instruction delivered in live sessions, and assignments including written documents and live presentations.

Students' time will be equally divided between instruction and assignments, requiring a total of between two and three hours each week. On Thursdays, instruction will be live, through Adobe Connect, while the rest of the instruction will take the form of self-paced learning modules and slidedocs, combined with online discussions through Moodle. Assignments will consist of written documents, both live and pre-recorded oral presentations, and exercises in document and slide design. Some assignments will require working in teams.